The United Crypto Alliance – UCA for short – was founded to successfully place the UCA Coin – a decentralised payment coin – in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Alliance‘s approach is “strong together”.

The goal of the UCA is to have at least 150,000 users and further alliance partners within 2 years. Even before its launch, the UCA is connected to a community of over 16,000 people thanks to one of its first alliance partners.

The UCA’s focus is therefore on the broad base of people who have previously either had misgivings about, an aversion to, or a lack of understanding about cryptocurrency, or who simply lack the funds required to participate in this promising development. The UCA has set itself the task of making these people‘s access to the crypto world as easy as possible so they don’t “miss the boat” to the future.

As an alliance partner:

  • You will receive UCA Coins for marketing purposes
  • You will receive UCA Coins as a one time signing bonus for your organisation
  • You will have the right to distribute UCA Card and keep a small margin for yourself
Every time someone buys a UCA CARD, the community grows and the UCA Coin is distributed quickly and easily.  As the community grows, the acceptance of the UCA grows and the price rises. The UCA CARD is available in a digital version and as a physical card, which can be individually adapted to the needs of the UCA’s alliance partners.

Multichannel multilevel marketing


Founded in 2017, VERWAY aims to set new standards. VERWAY always adheres to the principles of sustainability, fairness and transparency.  VERWAY is a global marketing network, helping people around the globe how to achieve professional success and accomplish personal goals.

Committed to the principle of sustainability and equal opportunity, the VERWAY team stands for competence and brings ideas to life, so that our customers and business partners receive only the very best.

  • Over 16.000 members
  • Present in 5 countries (Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria)
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Miss Germany Organisation

The MISS DEUTSCHLAND election is one of the most exciting events in today’s media landscape. This shows not only the interest of numerous television channels. Many celebrities from entertainment, show and sports are jury members in our elections and support the award winners in public appearances.

Our company with administration in Grevenbroich organizes the national beauty and model competitions every year. These include the elections for Miss Intercontinental, World Miss University, Top Model of the World just a few. By registering the title with the German trademark and patent office, we also enjoy nationwide trademark protection for the MISS DEUTSCHLAND brand.

  • Community with over 500.000 members
  • International & Global contests
Visit MGO’s website

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United Crypto Alliance

The United Crypto Alliance – UCA for short – was founded to successfully place the UCA Coin – a decentralised payment coin – in the world of cryptocurrencies.
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