Strong together!

The United Crypto Alliance – UCA for short – was founded to successfully place the UCA Coin – a decentralised payment coin – in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Alliance‘s approach is “strong together”.

Its goal is to create a union of many companies to establish the UCA Coin as a stable cryptocurrency with long-term success. The UCA Coin is held by many different alliance partners around the world, and it is this global distribution that makes the UCA Coin so special. Instead of relying on a single initiator, in this instance many partners act simultaneously, around the clock, and in many areas of the world. The options for advertising, distribution and price increases are unlimited, and are not bound by national borders, language borders or anything else.

Expert Team

In order to achieve rapid, legitimate market penetration, the UCA plans to install a team of experts composed of specialists from a wide range of areas such as marketing, sales, trading, networking etc. The team’s goal will be to develop and implement suitable marketing strategies for the distribution of the UCA Coin in order to further disseminate it and to have a positive effect on its value. This will apply to classic sales channels as well as to all relevant social media channels.


Founder, visionary


Living Crypto


Software expert

Alliance concept

The goal of the UCA is to have within 2 years
  • at least 150,000 users
  • and further alliance partners

What UCA can offer

How to get involved

The UCA Coin binds the future with the past, the world and its people.

At its launch, the UCA Coin will be instantly tradeable on 3 exchanges, and the goal is to list the UCA Coin on at least one key exchange in the next 2 years. After its launch and stock exchange listing, the UCA Coin will immediately be listed in a payment gateway used by more than 2 million shops. It is not guaranteed that all of these shops will accept the UCA Coin as a means of payment, as each shop operator can decide individually.

UCACARD – Getting started in crypto

hrough the UCA CARD, the United Crypto Alliance (UCA) has developed a tool which makes it possible for everyone on the planet to purchase UCA Coins, even without a cryptowallet. The UCA CARD is available in various denominations, so a small investment is enough to make your first purchase. This makes the UCA Coin an interesting investment opportunity in every country in the world.

With each alliance partner, acceptance and awareness of the UCA Coin increases.

Through the UCA, other companies, associations and institutions with a corresponding network are offered the opportunity to benefit from the UCA: the UCA Coin’s high acceptance rate as a means of payment and joint marketing measures by the alliance partners will generate new customers and thus additional sales for all participating alliance partners. In addition, further acceptance points (physical shops, service providers etc.) will increase the acceptance and use of the UCA Coin and should have a positive effect on the price.

United Crypto Alliance

The United Crypto Alliance – UCA for short – was founded to successfully place the UCA Coin – a decentralised payment coin – in the world of cryptocurrencies.
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